Robert Nicholson

Robert Nicholson

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First Name * Robert
Last Name * Nicholson
Username * Arcanum
Country * GB
City Morpeth
Nationality British
Languages English





What are you supposed to put in these things anyway? There's not really that much to tell, but since you asked...
I'm a picture framer by trade, I tend to be quite good with my hands. A bit on the private side you might say, not much for the social side of life, possibly put off all that by spending the first nineteen years of my life living above the pub my mum used to run. Not the fun you might think it to be. I currently live just outside the idyllically rural town of Morpeth with my lovely wife Elspeth, although if I had my way we'd be living in Banff in the great Rockies of Canada.
I like lots of different kinds of art, but digital art really grabs my imagination, and I find concept art utterly mesmerising. I used to love to draw as a kid and now I'm finally trying to learn how to do it properly. I love movies, my favourites are generally Sci-Fi. I went through a phase of being addicted to Image and Top Cow comics, didn't read too many but collected a whole lot! I love to ride motorbikes, I currently have a Triumph Speed Triple 1050, brilliant bike. I love to read novels, but I have dyslexia so don't manage to read as much as I would like. I'm into country music. I'm the live-in waiter to two cats, Tigger and Tinkerbell, no I didn't name them, and several hundred wild birds who cost more to feed than I do.
Ok, I'm stopping there 'cause it's getting embarrassing, not to mention probably more than a bit boring.